The father raised a son with special needs, which even the wife refused. photo


Ivan Martyanov lived an ordinary life, like millions of compatriots. He entered the university, after which he went to work as a biology teacher in a very ordinary school. Then he met a girl, mutual feelings arose between them and they created a family. It wasn’t long before they found out they were expecting a baby.

But the happiness of young parents did not last long, when the baby was two years old, he was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – cerebral palsy. The child’s illness affected the relationship of young people, and soon Ivan divorced his wife. The son stayed with his mother, but his father always helped them.

After some time, the man found out that his ex-wife had sent the child to a boarding school. Ivan couldn’t put up with it and tried to visit his son as often as possible, mostly it turned out on weekends. The man could not take the child to himself, because looking after the child would take a lot of time, he would have to quit his job and be left without means of livelihood.

Little Seryozha was in a boarding school for up to four years. And then Ivan realized that he was making excuses for himself, at a time when his son was dying. He began to collect custody documents and soon took his son to himself.

The man could not combine work and taking care of his son, so he had to quit. The benefits that are paid for a disabled child were not enough for almost anything, so Ivan had to look for a part-time job that would not take so much time. Ivan was not left alone with the problem, his mother and sister helped him. The child’s illness united the family.

Sergey is already 18 years old, he likes to listen to music and read books. Ivan is proud of his son, and says that he grew up a kind guy who is struggling to become independent in order to make life easier for his loved ones.

Ivan did not marry again, and he did not have a serious relationship. The man believes that he just did not meet the right woman. He sees his future only in his son.

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