A woman adopted a child who was not needed by anyone and made a famous person out of him. Photo


Nika, a resident of Moscow, was an ordinary happy person. She had a husband who carried her in his arms and a desired child. Isn’t that enough to be happy? But the woman had a dream that had lived in her since she was young. Nika wanted to take a child from an orphanage who needed love and attention.

One day she decided to tell her husband about her old dream, and he supported her. After this conversation, the couple began to review the profiles of abandoned children. They decided to take a boy whose chances of being adopted were equal to zero.

Rustam, that was the boy’s name, was born with a large number of pathologies, and his own mother immediately signed the documents for the rejection of the child. It was known that this woman had been abusing alcoholic beverages throughout her pregnancy, which could not but affect the health of the child.

Rustam ate food through a special tube, as he had multiple facial pathologies, he hardly spoke and lagged behind his peers in development.

Rustam was born with one leg. In the orphanage where the child was assigned, one caring doctor worked, who achieved a quota for Rustam for free surgical intervention, during which, if possible, his face was corrected.

Nika said that when she saw Rustam for the first time, she decided that she definitely had to help him. Of course, at first it was scary, but the desire was much stronger.

Rustam has been living in a new family for two years. During this time, he learned to walk on crutches, and later, with the help of a prosthesis. He also attends classes with a speech therapist, who managed to achieve great results. Now other people can understand it too.

Nika said that at first most people and children were afraid of Rustam and mocked him. They didn’t want to play next to him and avoided him.

And Nika found a solution to this problem. She started an Instagram page to tell everyone about Rustam. On the page she posted his photo and shared interesting moments from their family life.

And soon many people found out about the boy, including journalists, who began to write articles about him and invited the adoptive mother and son to television. Nika tries to convey to her son that the main thing in people is the soul, not the outer shell.

In the near future, Rustam expects a long rehabilitation and more than one operation, but he knows that his family will not leave him and will always support him.

Nika never tires of repeating that their son has become a real happiness for them.

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