The smile of this premature baby became a ray of hope for many parents of such children. Photo


Once a very little girl became a real ray of hope for the parents of children who found themselves in the same situation. Smiling Freya, who is only 5 days old in the picture, unknowingly did a great job. The baby smiled at her loving parents David and Lauren Vigne and received the title of «the happiest child in the world.»

Freya was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. She weighed only 1.7 kilograms, while the average weight of newborns ranges from 2.5 to 5 kg.

As Mom says, Lauren: I was talking to her and asked: «Should we send a photo to Dad?» And when I was about to take a picture of her, she smiled that big smile. This is the picture I’ve always wanted to share with people because it touched me so much.»

We gave a copy to the sisters in the hospital, and when I arrived there to give birth to my second daughter, the photo was still hanging in their rest room.»

Lauren’s pregnancy proceeded with complications, at 28 weeks the woman was diagnosed with preeclampsia — she had very high blood pressure. Then, after passing the examination, it turned out that the baby’s heart rate was decreasing every day and the doctors decided to resort to cesarean section surgery.

After the birth of her little daughter, all Lauren’s fears subsided. As a result, she decided to help other parents whose children were also born prematurely. Then she shared a photo of a smiling Freya on her blog»Birth Without Fear» (Birth without fear).

It was from that moment that the baby’s picture was scattered all over the world, he appeared in different groups on social networks and collected a lot of likes and reposts. In this photo, Freya is already two years old.

«To be honest, she is the best thing that happened to us. When we go to the store, she is the friendliest, says «hello» to everyone we meet,» says Lauren.

«She’s very funny, very happy. In that picture where she is only 5 days old, you see her personality, and when you look at her now, you realize that she has not changed. She has remained that very happy child.»

Now the girl is already six years old. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the current photos of the girl. But the most important thing is that she was able to do a lot with one of her old photos…

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