The boy who was born with a weight of only 400 grams survived and that’s what he is now. Photo


Baby Abel is celebrating his first Christmas this year, and after all, none of the hoochers believed that he would survive… His parents Charlotte Dunraven and Kaldan Farrelli were asked several times to say goodbye to him. In the short time that Abel lived, he suffered more than many adults. In the first four months alone, he was operated on twice and had 10 blood transfusions. But the boy was not going to give up, contrary to all the doctors’ forecasts, he survived and has every chance of a happy life.

Abel was born just 24 weeks pregnant, his weight was just over 400 grams. At that time, Charlotte was diagnosed with a serious diagnosis — severe preeclampsia and HELP syndrome — rare complications of pregnancy that require urgent delivery, or both mother and child will die.

Abel was born very weak, Charlotte did not even see her son, because he was immediately sent to the intensive care unit. The woman was placed in an artificial sleep for two days to restore her blood pressure and the work of internal organs. For the first time she saw her baby on the phone screen, and on the second day a doctor came to her and said that she should say goodbye to her son, since blood was found in his lungs and he would not be able to survive. Gathering all her strength into a fist, Charlotte, holding on to the wall, reached the intensive care unit and saw her Abel lying in the incubator, surrounded by a dozen tubes.

CATERS NEWS. (Pictured: Abel Farrely in hospital as a newborn.) It’s the most wonderful time of the year for this young family who are set to celebrate their first Christmas with their premature baby…Abel Farrelly weighed just 1lb 4 — less than a can of soup — when he was born at 24 weeks in January…His mum Charlotte Dunraven, and Caldhan Farrelly, both 21, were forced to say goodbye to their tiny tot on two occasions. (SEE CATERS COPY)

«My heart was broken. I still remember that moment with a shudder,» says Charlotte.

Abel had a very low oxygen level in his blood, and this caused brain damage.

«A year before that, I lost a baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy. Abel has become a gift from heaven for us. And I knew he wouldn’t leave me,» says Charlotte. – He was fighting for his life, I saw it. Even under the highest dose of sleeping pills, he still moved his legs.»

And indeed, the baby did not give up, but began to get better. But the parents were waiting for a new blow — Abel’s lungs failed and the doctors again said that they should say goodbye to their son. Charlotte and her husband stood behind a glass partition and just prayed… They didn’t even want to think that they could lose their long-awaited son.

The prayers were answered and the boy quietly began to breathe on his own.

He lived, breathed and fought. And next to him was his mom and dad, who came to the hospital every day and prayed for their son. Despite the doctors’ predictions, a miracle happened again — he began to recover.

During his five months in the hospital, he had experienced a lot. But now, looking at the little smiling boy, no one can think that he has been on the verge of death more than once.

In gratitude to the doctors, Charlotte organized a collection of voluntary donations for the neonatal intensive care unit of the North Manchester General Hospital through a crowdfunding platform, and at the moment she has managed to raise almost 2 thousand pounds (about 200 thousand rubles). «This is my way of saying «thank you» for all that doctors and nurses have done for my boy and other children, for taking care of young patients, to whom they replace moms and dads while they can’t be around,» says Shar.

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