A 35-year-old woman found out that she was pregnant with four children after she adopted four children. photo


Couple Maxine and Jake Young from Pennsylvania (USA) got married in 2016, both dreamed of creating a large family. But months and years passed, and the girl could not get pregnant … Desperate, the young people decided that they would take a child from the orphanage, or maybe even several.

Already on July 28, 2017, they arrived home with three babies of 2, 4 and 11 months. And after a while they adopted another newborn girl. So there were four kids in the family.

While taking care of the children, Maxine completely forgot that once she could not become a mother. And at that moment the woman realized that she was pregnant.

«I never thought I could get pregnant without IVF. I remember texting my husband: «Oh my God, I’m pregnant,» Maxine recalls. An even greater surprise awaited them at the ultrasound, instead of one child, the doctor saw four heartbeats.

The crumbs were born on July 31, 2020 between 8.00 and 8.02 am at 32 weeks of pregnancy. They were in the intensive care unit for a while, and then they all went home together.

«It’s crazy, but we are very grateful,» says 35—year-old Maxine. Now the woman is not just a foster mother and mother of a son, she is a real mother-the heroine of nine children.

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