A 52-year-old woman gave birth to her daughter’s child. Photo


A resident of Australia, 46-year-old Teresa Hohenhaus became a surrogate mother for the child of her own daughter, who could not bear the baby herself.

Alice Hohenhaus became ill with leukemia at the age of 4. After remission, the disease overtook her at the age of 9. Now she is 25 and she cannot have children because of the consequences of illness and treatment, the Daily Mail reports.

Rather, she is quite capable of conceiving a child, but the first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 15 weeks. The doctors said that Alice was not destined to bear any children.

Her mother volunteered to become a surrogate mother for her own daughter. During her life, she gave birth to five children, and was also the guardian of another 50.

«I really doubted if I was too old for pregnancy, but I wanted to see my daughter happy,» says Teresa. — I almost lost my girl several times when she was ill as a child and when her first and last pregnancy ended so tragically. I wanted to do the most important thing for her that she needed.»

Alice was with her mother during the birth, and the photographer captured the whole memorable day.

«I was worried about how I would endure childbirth and how Alice would behave at this moment. But everything happened very beautifully and touchingly,» the happy grandmother shared.

«It was the best moment of my whole life,» Teresa admitted.

Earlier, The Observer published a touching video in which a pregnant woman found out the sex of the child together with her mother dying of cancer by doing an ultrasound at home at her bedside.

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