Ten boys and eight girls. The woman gives birth to the 18th child.


In the Khmelnytskyi region, a 42-year–old mother with many children, Svetlana Kukharchuk, gave birth to a son — he became the 18th child in her family.

Now ten boys and eight girls will be brought up there.

Doctors from the department of extragenital pathology of pregnant women of the regional perinatal center note that this is the first such birth in their region and they had certain risks.

However, the woman gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 4 kilograms 150 grams. The boy was named Pavlik.

«There were no eighteenth births. If you count, she got married at 18, and now 42, 18 children, she gave birth almost every year,» added the head Lyudmila Melnik.

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