What do Siamese twins look like now, who were separated when they were 2 years old. The girls are already 6 years old. photo


Twin girls born conjoined below the breast survived one of the most difficult operations to separate Siamese twins at the age of 2 years.

Eva and Erica shared a common digestive system, liver, and genitourinary system. Mothers of special girls offered to terminate the pregnancy, but the woman was from a religious family and flatly refused to get rid of the babies. The parents of the twins planned to separate the children from birth, but it was not so easy to decide on such a complex operation. The operation to separate the Siamese twins was performed when Eva and Erica were 2 years old.

The operation lasted 18 hours, and 50 specialists participated in the complex procedure

Doctors literally ‘untangled’ the digestive and genitourinary systems. Literally all the common internal organs had to be divided in half. The twins spent 2 months in the hospital, after which they were discharged home. Then the two little girls had to learn again those simple, everyday things that they used to be able to do together.

It is not yet known whether Eva and Erica will be able to use prosthetic legs in the future, since they do not have enough pelvic bones to attach the prosthesis. After the operation, for a long time, the twins moved around on special devices similar to small cars.

Now the girls are 6 years old. Eva and Erica were shown in more than one TV show and the babies became real celebrities. In the future, the twins dream of becoming actresses.

The girls continue to be closely monitored by doctors, and in the future they will need more corrective operations.

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