When an ambulance arrived for the baby in Odessa, Murka ran out to escort her ward to the doctors’ car.

Murka the cat is the pride and joy of the whole house, located on one of the outskirts of the city. She warmed a little boy for several hours, who was thrown into the entrance by unknown people.

… A loud, sonorous, frenzied «meow» was heard in the entrance by a resident of one of the high-rise buildings, Nadezhda Makhovikova. The nurse came out into the stairwell. She decided that the red-haired boyfriend of their pet cat Murka, who has been living in the house for three years, began to insult her again.

I thought he was insulting her. I ran to save her,» says Nadezhda Makhovikova. — I looked into the cat box near the garbage chute, from where I «meowed». And there… the child is crying. A boy, about two months from birth. A preoccupied Murka was rushing around nearby.

It was cold in the entrance, but the child was not frozen. One side of him was hot—the cat warmed him the few hours he spent in her box. The boy is decently dressed — a brand-new solid winter jumpsuit, warm flannel vests. Those who dropped the baby in the entrance did not forget to even put a hat on him. They just didn’t leave a note.

Well–groomed, clean, pretty, — Nadezhda is surprised. – Mom was obviously worried about her son. I put a package in the box, in it I found a bottle with a mixture not at all cheap, diapers, nipples. Probably, she had some kind of difficult situation in her life, since she did so.

While waiting for the doctors and the police, Murka was always nearby and tried to lick the boy.

She took him for her kitten, – Nadezhda is sure.

Masha the cat is the pride and joy of the whole house. And the doctors are of the same opinion.


She was like a mother, worried about the child, rushing from person to person — she realized that he would be taken away. When our driver picked up the child, she ran after him, meowing plaintively,» says ambulance paramedic Vera Ivanina.

Interestingly, when the paramedics took the baby to the Ambulance, the cat ran out to see him off. Murka even tried to jump into the ambulance. But they wouldn’t let him in. Neighbors say that she sat on the road for a long time — looking, and suddenly the car will return?

Naidu was taken to one of the city hospitals. He is absolutely healthy, feels well, his life is not in danger. The police are trying to find his parents.

And Murka? Bored. Constantly sniffing the box where that boy slept.

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