In the shelter, a woman heard a blind kitten screaming and took it for herself. Photo


One woman was visiting a shelter when suddenly, during one of these visits, she heard a loud scream. It was a kitten that couldn’t see. She decided not to leave him, but to take him with her, and she did not regret it.

Katie Buckman is a lifeguard, she specializes in kittens. She lives and works in the state of North Carolina. The woman decided to come to a local shelter to attach a couple of kids.

Suddenly she heard the sound of crying coming from one of the cages. To figure out who was making it, she had to turn around. As a result, she saw a small blind kitten. Every now and then he tried to attract her attention with all his might.

Katie herself said in an interview that the boy got into a specialized institution right from the street. She wanted to take two other kittens, but then realized that she could not leave this baby. As soon as she approached the cage, he began to scream even more pitifully. As a result, she took with her as many as three babies, and then went to the veterinary clinic.

It was obvious that the cat was tired and wanted to eat. The woman brought him to her home and wrapped him in the warmest heated blanket. She already had a dog named Bert, he came to support the guest, and he succeeded. The next day, the cat began to behave more actively and in gratitude – even licking the face of the hostess.

The baby was diagnosed with microphthalmia, this is a congenital pathology that prevents him from seeing normally, it’s all about the small size of the eyeballs. For this reason, Katie’s new pet requires special care. However, nothing bothers him, and he is quite happy. And in order to provide her pet with good living conditions, the woman turned to the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Massachusetts, and the animal was given the necessary help.

The woman offered her kitten to Tara Kay, the founder of this organization. She accepted the blind kitten without hesitation and began to help him. By the way, the baby was given the name Melvin. Tara notes that the pet is just perfect. He loves goodies and games, as soon as someone picks him up, he immediately purrs. And if Melvin wants to be noticed, he starts screaming. But he stops doing it right after he gets what he wants.

At the shelter, Melvin was found to have a lack of mass of business. Within a few days, under the care of local specialists, he had eaten away and even began to look well-fed. The black-and-white-haired Milakha now completely dispenses with sight, but he skillfully uses other senses, which, by the way, are sharpened. He can detect different things with the help of hearing and smell to listen, he sometimes even inflates his nostrils.

The boy does not even think that he is somehow different from his other «brothers». He loves his new volume, he even has favorite positions from which he perfectly surveys the space around him.

This story is about how one cry of a blind kitten changed his life forever. But he could just wander the streets, and not live in such luxurious conditions in which he lives now. And now he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

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