The mother refused the boy who was born without eyes – you will be surprised what happened next with the baby. photo


Eight-month-old Alexander K. was born without eyeballs due to SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome. This is a very rare violation: only three cases are known. Doctors say that otherwise the baby is «perfectly healthy.»

Alexander’s biological mother found out about his defect at the 31st week of pregnancy. After giving birth, she refused the baby. Fortunately, the staff of the shelter in which little Sasha found himself announced this week that they had found a «warm and loving» family for him.

Thanks again to everyone who was not indifferent to the fate of the baby, and especially to those families who began to issue documents specifically for Sasha. There were several of them and all excellent!

When the adoption process began, the doctor Tatiana Rudnikovich said that Sasha was undergoing all the usual examinations and tests, like any child of this age. He’s fine.»

Doctors plan to form the child’s eyeballs. This will be done to avoid deformity of the boy’s face, however, according to experts, he will never be able to see.

But now he has a family – and this is the most important thing!

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