A Loving Older Brother Has Been Taking Care Of His Sister With A Rare Disorder Since Her Birth. Photo


When brothers and sisters grow up, they always quarrel with each other.

Brothers and sisters can be sworn enemies, but then in a split second they become best friends. But, in the end, no matter how bad the quarrel, brothers and sisters are always there for each other. Little 10-year-old Lindsey Cochran and her 12-year-old brother Trenton form a special bond with each other. Lindsay says her brother is a hero, our help and protection for her.

— He is very nice and caring. He cares a lot about me. When I get sick and ask him to bring my stuffed animals, he will bring them to me.

«Trenton is easier to live with,– Lindsay said. And Trenton says he’s ready to take a bullet for his little sister, and he just wants to do everything to make Lindsay better.

This special love between them began since they were very young. Due to a rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy, which occurs in only 8 out of every 100,000 births, Lindsay has been in a wheelchair since she was just 2 years old. What a wonderful big brother

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