Teenage Boys, Risking Their Lives, Rescued 6 Children From A Burning House… Photo


The simple village of Krasnoselskoye in the Urals became known thanks to three teenage boys. The tragedy could have destroyed an entire family if it weren’t for these ordinary guys. When the house caught fire, the fire immediately tipped over the roof and veranda; very quickly the house caught fire completely. The room with the children was filled with smoke. Danila, his wife and Vitaly have not yet turned 18. But they realized that they were closest to home.

There was no time to wait and guess, the guys rushed inside: they knew there were a lot of children there. All six managed to survive, among them five girls and a boy. The eldest, who was 13 years old, managed to get out of the window on her own. The parents were absent at the time of the tragedy; a short circuit almost led to the death of all the children at once.

The peasants are sure that the guys deserve a reward for their courage. But the guys themselves don’t think so: they are sure that any man would do the same. Vitaly is going to join the army soon, Danila is finishing his senior year, and Zhenya is still living in an orphanage and studying to be a welder. Thank them very much!

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