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Some believe that it is not worth writing about people who are «not like everyone else», that newspapers and websites do this only for profit, taking advantage of their vulnerability.

However, many people with disabilities are not at all against the fact that the media tell other people about them. Such stories give us a deeper understanding of what is considered normal and abnormal. I think it’s worth talking about people with different disabilities more often to show that even if you don’t look like everyone else, you can be happy. Do not forget that everyone has the right to realize their ideas and dreams.

The story of Sean Stevenson is a vivid confirmation of this. Sean Stevenson was born with «brittle bone syndrome», also known as inherited osteoporosis. When Sean appeared in this world, almost all the bones in his body were broken. The doctors thought he wouldn’t live one day, but little Sean turned out to be a real fighter. His courage and fighting spirit never left him.

By the age of 18, Sean had suffered more than 200 fractures. He needs round-the-clock care and supervision, and not only for medical reasons. The attitude of the people around them and what they allowed themselves to say was always a very difficult ordeal for Sean and his family. Sean struggled with his own body for a long time and tried to set himself up in a positive way. In 1988, something happened that helped change everything.

Nine-year-old Sean broke his leg again and started panicking. Then Sean’s mother told him that his illness was not a heavy burden, but a test. It was a turning point for him. From that day on, Sean decided it didn’t matter how he looked. What matters is what and how he will do.

Today, Sean has not only learned how to cope with his illness, but has also become a well-known and respected motivational lecturer.
Sean’s company brings him millions of dollars, he has thousands of fans around the world. The biggest emotions and contradictory thoughts were caused by his marriage. In 2012, Sean married his girlfriend Mindy, who has quite a «normal» height. Their wedding photos have stirred up the Internet.

Because of their obvious physical differences, Mindy had to put up with a lot of problems and hate-filled comments about her marriage and even sex life with Sean. in the Internet. Many wrote that Sean didn’t deserve Mindy, that she was cheating on him and living with him only because of his money. Perhaps they are all wrong. The fact is that Sean and Mindy have an incredible spiritual connection. This story proves that love has no limits. Sean and Mindy have shown that you can accept and love each other for who you are, despite all the difficulties and disappointments.Share this article with your friends if you believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved!

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