Three Twins From Two Wombs: A Unique Case Of The Birth Of Triplets. Photo


Melanie and Ben Bassett from Hampshire will celebrate the New Year holidays with a big friendly family, because this year they had triplets. Cute twins are unique. The mother carried them out in two wombs at once because of the peculiarities of her body. The unusual case surprised not only British doctors, but the whole world.

Melanie, 32, was shocked when doctors informed her that she was carrying two twins in one uterus and one in the other. Two sisters, Brooke and Isabel, and brother Beau were born at 32 weeks by Caesarean section.

The British woman found out that she has two uteruses when she became pregnant with her eldest daughter, 3‑year-old Phoebe. The couple are raising another middle son, one-year-old Blake.

The probability of the birth of twins from two queens is one in a million. Triplets, who appeared in the Bassett family, became the first such case in the UK.

The presence of two queens in a woman does not complicate conception, but increases the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Melanie’s first daughter, Phoebe, was born weighing only 1 kg at 29 weeks of pregnancy by Caesarean section in 2017.

The triplets were born on January 26, 2020. This year they will celebrate the first New Year holidays in their lives.

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