A little girl with a special appearance received a lot of negative comments . Photo


Marianne Bowring is an ordinary woman from Australia, who had a very unusual daughter Angelica.

The girl is a very cheerful and smiling child with a small nuance on her face – a red mole.

Marianne decided to make a separate page for her little daughter on Instagram, where she published her pictures. Only now the woman was shocked by the comments of evil people who started insulting the child because of the stain.

The birthmark itself is a cosmetic feature, so the child has no health problems. But the surrounding people think differently. When a mother and daughter visit some public place, some people start to close down, thinking that the girl has some kind of dermatological disease.

Marianne complained that some people ask her to show Angelica less, other commentators suggest hiding spots with cosmetics, while others say that the baby will never get married and will not be happy.

The woman continues to consider her daughter beautiful and does not listen to anyone. She just doesn’t understand what kind of evil people should be, writing different images to a small child.

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