A 53-Year-Old Woman And A 31-Year-Old Daughter Gave Birth To Sisters Just A Few Weeks Apart. Photo


A loving mother and her beloved daughter gave birth to sisters with a difference of only a few weeks and months after the mother offered to act as a pregnancy carrier for her daughter. Kyle and Kelsey Pierce desperately wanted to start their own family, but they were told that the 31-year-old woman had a low ovarian reserve and that she might never get pregnant.

As it turned out, a man and a woman spent all their savings and resorted to debt in an attempt to undergo an IVF procedure-assisted reproductive technology, during which a woman’s eggs are collected from her ovaries and fertilized in the laboratory. Once the embryo is formed, it can either be frozen and stored at a later time, or placed in a woman’s uterus. While Kyle and Kelsey successfully completed a round of IVF, the 31-year-old received even more bad news as doctors told her she couldn’t carry the baby because her uterus was too thin.

Despite struggling to resolve the issue for two years, Kelsey «just couldn’t do it,» while being told to find a pregnancy carrier for her embryo or adopt a baby instead. «We had already spent more than our savings and were incredibly in debt just for what we had done before, so this was not an option. It was a very depressing time.”

Seeing her daughter’s pain, 53-year-old Lisa Rutherford eventually decided to offer her services.
«When you have children, you want their life to be better, simpler, more fulfilling than your life. I just thought that I don’t have 100 thousand dollars to give them, but I can make your dream come true.»

Although the couple initially did not want to consider this option due to the risks associated with the age of Kelsey’s mother, they all found a common language after Lisa passed a series of tests to prove that she was ready to become a carrier of pregnancy. After the transferred embryo back in February, Lisa became pregnant and shared the happy news with her spouses. Just a few weeks later, Kelsey, who had already stopped taking fertility medications, also strangely became pregnant.

A few months later, the couple rushed from Minnesota to Michigan to witness the birth of their own, and the League was told that she would have to undergo a caesarean section. On October 6, a week after giving birth, Everly’s baby was discharged from the hospital and was brought home with her parents. After spending a week in Michigan, the family returned to Minnesota, where Kelsey gave birth to baby Ava a little more than seven weeks after Everly was born! «Every time something is hard for me or I get tired, I remind myself that this is my dream finally coming true. I appreciate it much more

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