A gift of fate: at the age of 57, a woman gave birth to two twins. What they look like after 16 years. photo


This case occurred in America in 2004. A woman named Aleta managed to give birth to twins at the age of 57. This event brought her fame throughout the country. This has never happened in the history of the United States. At such a mature age, the very fact of pregnancy is surprising, and in this case we are talking about the birth of twins.

The twins are already 16 years old, and their mother is 73. How does Aleta cope with her parental responsibilities?

Age is not the main thing

Old age has always been a barrier to the birth of children. The woman herself, as well as her unborn child, are at great risk, which can lead to irreparable consequences. But modern women try to break existing stereotypes and give birth to children both after 40 years and after 50 years.

All her adult life, Aleta postponed the birth of a child. I’ve been waiting for the right moment for this. At first she built a career, then she was engaged in show business. After that, she switched to studying spiritual practices and self-development.

Life flew by like one day. Aleta did not have time to look back, as she was already over 50. The moment came for her when she realized that she wanted a child. Relatives, of course, were against it, and tried to dissuade her. But the woman has already decided everything for herself. She didn’t feel old and knew that she would succeed.

Hope dies last

For several years, Alet tried to get pregnant naturally, but without success. And the woman turned to specialists for help. The woman had an IVF procedure. Pregnancy came from the first time. As it turned out later, Aleta was carrying different-sex twins.

Still as energetic and full of energy

16 years have passed since the birth. Aleta manages to raise children and lead an active lifestyle at the same time. She is 72 years old and she looks just fine.

In the photo, Aleta’s children, Francesca and Gian, seem to be quite happy teenagers. Their family photos always have smiles and happiness in their eyes. It is safe to say that Aleta is a wonderful mother and the children are safe with her.

The woman is not going to retire. She continues to engage in spiritual practices, takes care of herself, both internally and externally. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t look her age at all. She always looks decent. And so that children are not shy of her age, she always follows fashion.

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