«11 years later.» She alone brings up 14 children, 8 of whom were born at the same time. Photo


Information about a woman who gave birth to 14 children with IVF rarely appears in the media, but causes a storm of emotions among readers if this happens.

Nadia became known when the question of the birth of the eight-year-olds arose. 8 twins were born thanks to the IVF procedure.

Then, in 2009, a real scandal broke out with the subsequent dismissal of the doctor, who left all 8 embryos at once, which is unacceptable because there is a risk to the mother’s life. Nevertheless, the babies were destined to be born.

It was not Nadia’s first birth, at that time she was already a mother of 6 children, who also appeared as a result of IVF. The woman made a decision for herself to leave 8 embryos and give birth to all twins.

Nadia confirms that being a single mother, coping with such a horde of children is not easy.

There is not always enough money, because it takes up to $ 5,000 per month for a family, which in translation into the Russian ruble is more than 350,000.

Many people ask a tactless question: «Why do you need children?» Nadia also rudely replies to him: «We need them!».

On the web, a single mother has both fans and ardent haters who often recall the heroine of her not-so-secret past: the woman took part in the filming of adult films and danced a striptease. But now these classes have been left far behind, and she has devoted herself to raising children.

Now the twins have grown up, actively help their mother with housekeeping and look very happy children.

Nadia is happy with her life, and if she needs to relax and take a break from everyone, she spends her free time in the gym, getting herself in shape.

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