Childbirth Is Double – The Fifth Time In A Row. And Again The Girls — Dad Was Crying In The Delivery Room


But Anya and her husband certainly don’t believe in anything for a long time. Anya was put in the hospital long before giving birth – pregnancy in the last stages was difficult and doctors did not want to take risks, besides, not one baby was being prepared for the birth, but two at once.

The expectant mother was offered a planned caesarean section, but she really wanted to give birth herself, so the doctors decided to try – they would always have time to take her to the operating room.

In addition, Anna and her husband had a contract for a partner birth, and surgeons really don’t like outsiders in the operating room.

Anya’s contractions began late in the evening – a man was immediately notified, who arrived literally twenty minutes later and we transferred them to the pre-hospital ward.

Since it was not the first time Anya had given birth, she knew what was required of her, behaved with restraint and reason, and at four in the morning the first child was born.

The baby screamed immediately, the midwife congratulated her on the birth of her first daughter. However, instead of the usual joy, Dad squeezed out a smile and immediately switched to his wife. Another ten minutes later, a second girl was born.

Mom was smiling happily, but the newly-made father was irritated in a voice, and it didn’t look like he was touched. Of course, we were scared, but Mom just waved her hand and said:

Don’t pay attention, he’ll come to his senses in an hour. These are our fifth twins and girls again. He really wanted at least one boy, but it wasn’t meant to be, it’s obvious – that’s why he was upset. But he adores his daughters and is a very good dad, so everything will be fine.

And indeed – watching the next day under the window of the maternity hospital a crowd of charming girls led by dad, who tied balloons and shouted loving her mom – we realized that everything was really good in this family. But Dad is a pity.

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