Finally a girl! In A Family With 14 Sons, A Long-Awaited Daughter Was Born. Photo


I wonder how to be a girl’s mom if you had only boys born before?

Our heroes today are the wonderful Schwandt family living in Michigan, USA. In 2018, the couple already came under the media’s attention when they gave their youngest son the very rare name Shiboegen.

In 2020, they again had a reason to give an interview – the 15th child was born and it’s a girl!Kateri Schwandt admits that she has never worried about the gender of the children. She started dating her husband in high school, and by the time they graduated from college, the couple already had three sons.

Now the eldest son Taylor is 28 years old. He has already managed to get a house and get married. Taylor jokes that he and his wife are ready for a baby, because his parents have a huge boyish wardrobe for all seasons and ages.

The newborn girl was named Maggie. Kateri came up with a name for her daughter a long time ago, because she had plenty of time. The couple admit that because of so many boys, noise and chaos constantly reigns in the house.

But they are happy with everything, otherwise they simply would not have had so many children. The daughter became a real ray of sunshine for her 45-year-old parents. Besides, Maggie can be confidently called the happiest girl in the world – of course, she has so many defenders!

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