This Morning Our Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating, We Hoped So Much That He Would Get Out This Time Too! He Was Even Transferred From The Intensive Care Unit To The Ward, But…


This morning, our Stan’s heart stopped beating. We were so hoping that he would dig himself out this time too! He was even transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward, but…

Stasik lived in the CITY OF KINDNESS, the Center of kindness for mother and child.Тhe longest of all its inhabitants, more than 2 years. After suffering troubles, after being used in begging, after hypothermia and illness, he needed very careful care.

Tracheostomy replacement, probing, sanitizing, massages and rehabilitation – his incredible mother coped with all these complex medical tasks perfectly, as well as with mad love and exceptional scrupulousness. Stasik felt his mother next to him, he was drawn to her with his whole body, she was his world.

And I am happy that within the walls of the City of Good, our Stan could enjoy his mother and sister in full

These thoughts bring me back to how important it is to help even when complete healing is impossible. We all want miracles, lightning-fast fabulous results. But sometimes there is only life. And to live it next to his loved ones, in comfort, comfort and safety, with decent care is very important. Because it’s someone’s life!

You should have heard how Svetlana read to him in a voice, what kind of music she turned on! Such a chanson) I will never forget how Stasik loved to listen to him) He was an incredible child, and our angel, He taught us love, empathy and understanding like no other. I think it was his calling on earth.

Today we are next to Svetlana and Lilichka, we will be next to them, because we are one family that will support every minute of life. The farewell to Stasik will take place on Saturday at the Godylovsky cemetery at 11:00. The house of Sorrow.

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