Strong female friendship: a woman adopted the children of her friend, who passed away. Photo


The phrase «there are no other people’s children» is very common, but everyone puts their own meaning into it. After all, not everyone will decide to take on the enormous responsibility of raising someone else’s child. But Laura Ruffina had to go through the most difficult life ordeal and become a mother-heroine of 4 non-native children. Despite the fact that she has already raised her two. And now there are six daughters growing up in her family, and they get along well with each other.

Laura Ruffino and Elizabeth Diamond became friends at school, and after many years maintained their relationship.

But grief happened: in 2014, it became known about Elizabeth’s terrible diagnosis — a single mother was diagnosed with the last stage of brain cancer. There was no hope that the woman would live, but the most terrible thing was that her four daughters were left completely alone in this world.

When Elizabeth became very ill, she decided to have a very serious conversation with her friend. She asked Laura to take care of her children and never leave them. The friend agreed and fulfilled her promise.

To date, the girls are belly in the new family of Laura and Rico and they have two more sisters. The couple say that although the number of children has doubled, they have become even happier.

Now there is a charitable foundation to help the Ruffino family. And thanks to him, 87 thousand dollars were collected. With this money, the family is going to build several bedrooms to the house, besides, money is needed for the maintenance and education of girls.

But such difficulties do not frighten Laura and Rico at all, they know for sure that the most important thing in life is love and mutual assistance!

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