How does a woman live who did not listen to doctors and gave birth to quintuplets. Photo


Anastasia and Sergey are an ordinary couple. We lived together for eight years, dreamed of having children, but the long-awaited pregnancy still did not come.

But the miracle happened. She was already thirty-three, and her husband was thirty-five.

According to Anastasia, she became pregnant after numerous church visits and prayers.

During a visit to the doctor, the ultrasound showed for the first time that the couple would have triplets. In the third month of pregnancy, it became known that they had four babies.

After the sixth month, Anastasia was under threat, and almost all the time she was on preservation.

Just before the birth, the couple was waiting for another quite unexpected surprise. It turned out that the woman was carrying five babies! It turns out that the girl was lying behind her brothers all this time, and the doctors did not see the baby.

Three years have passed since birth. Maxim, Savely, Matvey, Ignat and Raya grow up very friendly guys!

Of course, parents admit that it is not easy. Each kid has his own character, there are other difficulties, but they are insanely happy and grateful to God for such a gift in their fate!

We wish great happiness to this big and wonderful family!

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