She is only 15 years old, and she has already managed to save hundreds of animals. The girl does not plan to stop


Everyone has their own vocation, it’s just that not everyone can recognize it in time. But the girl we want to talk about today already knows exactly what she will do in life. Her name is Vlada, she is a schoolgirl, and she is only 15 years old. And she is engaged in helping animals that are in trouble. To date, she has saved hundreds of animals from death. Vlada treats those people who deserve a lot of respect for themselves.

First, let’s tell you how it all started. The girl herself was born and lives in Cherkasy. Not so long ago, Vlada picked up a sick puppy on the street and brought it to her home to go out. From that moment, the schoolgirl’s worldview turned upside down. She could no longer pass by an animal in need of human help. So Vlada started helping the dogs.

In her bag, in addition to school supplies, she always has a collar and a leash. What if she finds an animal on the way that needs help? Vlada takes the animals home, nurses them, and then looks for a new family for them, thanks to the Internet.

The girl’s mother admits that animals rescued by her daughter constantly live in their apartment, which causes understandable inconveniences to everyone. But the woman is not upset about this, because she understands that her daughter has grown up to be a sympathetic and very kind person.

According to Vlada herself, it all started with a puppy she named Lola (it turned out to be a girl). Having found her new owners two weeks later, she began to save other dogs. Thus, the girl saved and attached to new families about a fluke of animals.

Since the morning, Vlada has a lot of work. She gets up before everyone else to cook her pets food, walk them and, then, clean the apartment after the vital activity of so many animals. After school, the girl plans to study as a veterinarian and continue her work at a professional level.

We hope that she will succeed!

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