The dog was rescued from bad owners, she was afraid of everyone except an 11-month-old baby. photo


An English pointer named Nora experienced a lot of pain on herself, the dog was taken away by volunteers from the owners, who constantly mocked the dog. The dog could not believe that she would not be touched anymore, she was very afraid of people and unfamiliar objects, avoided contact with them.

Elizabeth Spence from Canada became the new owner of the Burrow. In the new house, the dog calmed down a little and began to gain self-confidence. She is still afraid of everything and everyone, but she has a real friend.

Little Archie, the landlady’s son, restored her faith in people. From the first moment Nora met Archie, everyone noticed the connection between them. The dog trusts him unconditionally, he is the only one who did not frighten her and caused tenderness.

Now Elizabeth has a selection of such charming photos. Nora is always there and protects the baby. The Spence family took three dogs and three cats from the shelter. But little Archie spends more time with Nora.

Elizabeth posted these photos online, she wanted people to see the gratitude of the rescued animal. love works wonders. Despite the hard life, Nora remained gentle and devoted.

«Many people doubt whether it is worth taking animals from the shelter, adults, those who have been offended into their home. Remember that rescued dogs can be the most gentle and loving, they deserve a chance for a better life,» says Elizabeth.

Of course, mom does not let her baby out of sight when the dog lies down next to him.

But she’s not particularly worried about Nora hurting Archie. I can’t believe she’s capable of this.

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