The dog dragged the owner 5 kilometers by the rope, not letting him freeze. Photo


Everyone knows that a dog is a person’s best friend. Everyone knows how loyal and devoted they are to a person. There are many stories about how dogs save people from death and come to the rescue in difficult situations. This is the story I want to tell you, which happened to a fisherman and his faithful dog.

It was early spring outside, so there was no ice on the river in some places. It is during this period that a large number of fishermen do not pay attention to the danger for the sake of a large catch. So did one guy. He went fishing with his faithful four-legged friend on a fishing trip. His dog was of large breeds.

The peasant drilled a hole in thin ice, and 10 meters away from him, all the ice has already come off. He laid out his things around and fastened himself with a rope to the dog so that he would not run away anywhere. Then he began to fish and drink «tea», which many fishermen like to abuse. However, this time with «tea» there was too much.

It was getting dark, but the peasant had a lantern, so the fishing continued. However, suddenly the ice around the fisherman cracked, and he left and failed. Since he had drunk quite a lot of «tea», he was not thinking clearly. But fortunately the rope was about three meters long, and the dog was sitting not far from the shore. The animal began to drag the owner along the cracked one and was able to pull the peasant out of the water.

However, the man was soaked all over and did not understand well what was happening because of the «tea» he had drunk. He didn’t react to the dog in any way, and it was freezing outside.

Most likely, the dog realized that the owner would be of no use and dragged him to the nearest village, which was about five kilometers from the river. Almost all the way the dog dragged the peasant through the fields. They either did not meet the car on the way, or no one wanted to help.

The dog was able to drag the man to the first houses and then began to bark loudly. The dog was able to attract the attention of people who called an ambulance. That’s how a loyal friend saved his beloved master from death.

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