A 9-Year-Old Girl Has Been Caring For A Paralyzed Mother For Many Years, Tears Come «My Dearest». Photo


The girl was doing household chores and at the same time managed to study well.Little girl Bogdanka took care of her paralyzed mother for three years on her own. The girl gave her mom all the warmth and love, but the moment came when strangers performed a miracle for her. Volunteers have rebuilt a house for the brave heroine.

At the age of 9, a real burden collapsed on a little Ukrainian woman. On her shoulders was caring for an 82-year-old grandmother after a stroke and a bedridden mother. And also the girl had to take care of the household, cook, wash and take out buckets of waste and many other household chores, Lviv City of Inspiration reports.

And all this time I studied perfectly in a rural school. When the social worker saw it, she rushed to the volunteers. Marta Levchenko left for the little heroine. Marta is a volunteer from Chernivtsi who helps children all over the country. It was she who first took Bogdanka to a pizzeria in Chernivtsi.

«You should have heard how she talks about household chores! Like an experienced housewife! He speaks with understanding about borscht and pies, stewed cabbage and even natural juice. But after all, the child is 9 years old, and he has no friends, toys and time for games,» the volunteer said.

Subsequently, the volunteer decided to help the girl improve living conditions. And now Bogdanka has her own room with a princess bed. And now the girl has a whole bunch of books that she reads with pleasure.

The volunteers purchased a trolley and removed the thresholds in the house so that they could move freely in a wheelchair. And they also bought a lot of equipment so that now mom would take care of her daughter.

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