A non-walking dog with one eye and a wheelchair in the car, went for rescue. Photo


There is in the far north, in Komi, a small, backwater town with a population of about 24,000 people. Looking at the photos from Inta, associations with Chernobyl involuntarily arise. Local landscapes are depressing: gloomy sky, shabby buildings, broken roads… One continuous «abandonment». And there are very harsh winters. They say it happens up to — 40.

In one of these winters, a red dog found himself on the street… She crawled out with the last of her strength to meet a man who was almost speechless: skinny, small, with one eye, pulling her hind legs behind her. From the pitiful sight of the unfortunate animal, Edward’s heart ached.

The man could not leave, leaving the helpless creature in the cold. The kind man began to look for ways to help the special little animal. But there is nothing at all in the Int… There are no shelters, no vet clinics, no specialists who could give her an elementary X-ray. They make it to people there once a year according to a promise.

As a result, they were taken in some kind of semi-basement room, and only felt, saying that perhaps she had a chance to stand on her paws…

As it turned out later, the previously good-natured and smiling Fox was homeless and lived in the village… But, apparently, she interrupted the locals. At first, the poor guy was left without an eye, but even this seemed to them not enough. Now she’s also not walking… They say they do whatever they want with animals there.

Chanterelle was glad that she had found at least some corner, and was content with what she had. The savior Eduard gave her a wheelchair and something like a cat house. The dog turned out to be very affectionate and accommodating. She quickly got along with other animals and made friends with cats.

But people were uneasy, because they did not know how to help the poor thing and provide proper care. Socks flew off all the time, paws rubbed. And everyone also understood that she simply would not survive the severe frosts in the outdoor aviary.

Then one of the subscribers gave Eduard my phone number and advised him to contact, knowing that we have repeatedly helped animals with the same trouble…

Hearing the story of Chanterelle, a lump came to my throat. I felt unbearably sorry for the fluffy martyr, and I really wanted to help her, but I understood with my head that I could «tighten the noose»… Taking into account the fact that I recently lost my overexposure in Kursk, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of a former «colleague», and times are hard. So there will be nowhere to go back. Treatment and examination of such sufferers in Moscow is also very expensive, and we definitely cannot cope without support from outside.

At the end of the conversation, I thought — come what may, and said — «Take it, we will do everything possible». I also understood that there are always risks with such serious patients. What if it’s a spine? But if we don’t help her here in the capital, then she won’t be helped anywhere. The time is already lost. You have to try…

The Fox Cub’s property, in the form of a wheelchair, was traveling with her.
2 days ago, volunteers from Inta put the Little Fox on a train to Moscow. And she went to us with her modest belongings in the form of a wheelchair and a small folding house…

On the way, Lisi was already 2 days old. And this morning the meeting finally took place. A touching little dog in a diaper, already from peron, stretched her paws to our Olya and smiled. How sweet and positive she is, despite her depressing condition. The red sun believes us and hopes for the best.

Now the Fox cub is already in the clinic, doctors and a groomer are engaged in it, you need to put the baby in order a little after the aviary. There are a lot of tests ahead, possibly an MRI and a long, expensive treatment.

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