«Fortunately, the guy wasn’t afraid.» Artificial respiration saved the dog’s life. Photo


This story happened in Australia. Sarah was walking on the beach, her dog Jack was happily stretching his paws, running on the sand. He was playing with other dogs, the weather was great. But suddenly Sarah noticed that the dog began to behave strangely. One moment it was an active, playful animal, but suddenly, like a drunk, it began to fall on its side, stagger, barely standing on its feet.

A couple more minutes — and here he is lying on his side and not breathing. Sarah was in shock, she didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I wasn’t ready to lose my best friend like that in one minute.

But the girl was lucky: one of the passers-by, walking with his husky, noticed her trouble. He rushed to Jack and began to act. He gave the dog artificial respiration and heart massage alternately, as if he was saving a person. Rhythmically squeezed the chest on the count, then took breaths.

And a miracle happened: the dog moved, started coughing and opened his eyes. And Sarah, who had already managed to say goodbye to him, was happy and did not know what to say and how to thank Daniel.

Surprisingly, the determined guy wasn’t even a veterinarian.

He just saw this method of helping animals on TV and decided to try it. He squeezed the dog’s mouth and inhaled air through his nose. And then squeezed the ribs to start the heart.

And the animal reacted to his actions. Of course, Sarah was not satisfied with this and took the pet to the veterinarian.

The doctor assured that Daniel had done the best that could have been done in that situation. Resuscitation is often needed by dogs, but not everyone will figure out how to do it in a dog’s mouth. The correct technique is mouth to nose, and fortunately Daniel knew about it.

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