A seven-year-old boy saved 1300 dogs, and he was recognized as the «Child of the Year». Photo


To become a hero, age is not a hindrance. This can be seen by the example of a seven-year-old boy, whose name is Roman McCone. By his decisive actions, the child managed to save more than a thousand dogs from death, or to be more precise — 1300. Appreciating the efforts of the child, the American Society of Animal Defenders in 2018 awarded the Novel the title of «Child of the Year».

Roman from the age of four began to be interested in the fate of stray dogs who were taken to shelters, and at the age of seven he created the organization «Project Freedom Ride», whose activity is to save the lives of such dogs from Texas shelters. Roman is looking for walking owners for dogs.

After the presentation of the «Child of the Year» award, the boy visited New York, where he told about his activities. In order to be able to help homeless animals, Roman asked his parents to give him money for all birthdays instead of gifts. And he was only four years old at the time.

Roman is helped in everything by his mother, Jennifer McCone, who is full of pride for her child. According to the woman, only in December 2016 they found new families for 31 pets.

Romani still remembers his very first rescued dog, a big American bulldog named Sally. The huge parameters of the dog did not affect his friendliness and friendliness in any way. Thanks to Roman’s efforts, many animals have found a real home and loving owners.

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