The Story of Friendship: How A Girl Without A Hand Got A Best Friend Without A Paw. Photo


This little girl will have a hard time in life. It will be hard for her to ride a bike or climb a tightrope in physical education classes. Baby Ella Peggy was born without a left hand, but the girl learned at the age of one what true friendship is – the crumbs had a three-legged friend.

Brooke Hodgson, Ella’s mom saw a one-year-old terrier Snovi (Snowball) on the shelter’s website. The woman immediately felt that this puppy would be the perfect friend for her baby.

«My heart calmed down when I saw a dream. I knew that he would be perfect for Ela: they have the same age, so they will have many more years of friendship. I am sure that the Dream will give my daughter strength. Even on the days when she feels sad, she will see their similarities and understand that she is not alone.»

The baby enthusiastically accepted the dog. The girl loves to hug and kiss her new friend. Looking at Dreams, you can see immense happiness.

«I noticed that every morning Dreams first of all runs to Ella. It’s a unique connection that’s nice to look at. I know it means a lot to Ella. I am grateful to fate that I was able to give her this dog.» Currently, the baby feels very confident and is easily controlled with one hand.

«When my daughter was born, I was very worried: how will she cope when she goes to school, because she will not be able to do many things that people do with only two hands.

But we can handle it. The most important thing is that she is the most beautiful, happy and healthy little princess for me. I don’t need anything else at all.»

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