Parents were strongly advised to leave her in the hospital… And she grew up and became famous. Photo


After her birth, this wonderful girl was strongly advised by her mother to leave the baby in the hospital, since the child has Down syndrome, leukemia and a deformed spine, from which her head did not hold, she seemed to fall off. But in the life of the girl’s mother, a woman met, a nurse of the department, morally supported her and assured her that such children can go out and they can quite live a normal life. Just have to be patient and work hard.

The first, serious difficulty on Kennedy’s life path is a sick spine. When the girl was two years old, she was put on a metal collar and a helmet that helped fix the bones. The baby was completely immobilized. She just lay there and watched dance videos all day. And when she started walking again, she immediately ran to sign up for dancing.

While doing dancing, Kennedy realized that it doesn’t matter how you look, the main thing is how well you do it. She tried very hard and literally lived by dancing. Soon she supplemented her track record with works for American Girl, Justice Clothing and Disney.

Now her life is filled with dancing, photo shoots, new acquaintances. She works at KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management and regularly flies to Hollywood and New York for auditions, auditions and participation in television shows. But she is only 15 years old!

As the girl’s mother tells, her daughter’s life does not resemble the terrible pictures that doctors once painted for her. She is an ordinary teenager who likes to take selfies, experiment with hair color, shoot videos for TikTok and discuss boys with her friends. She is a very positive person and laughs a lot.

Kennedy has a close friend, Matthew. The guy is four years older than her and he also has Down syndrome, but he works in the modeling business and is engaged in acting.

Matthew persistently courted Kennedy, and she agreed to become his girlfriend. However, they rarely see each other, since they live in different parts of the country. Their parents have already made friends. Well, nothing better can be wished for a daughter, my mother believes.

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