After 40 Hours, The Woman Gave Birth. Then The Doctor Looks Between Her Legs And Freezes. Photo


When Nicole Zysemer found out she was pregnant, she was excited because their world was about to change. Despite the fact that Matthew Zysemer was handed a shirt with the inscription «The biggest father in the world», the couple did not suspect that Nicole’s birth could change their lives.

Like many other couples, the Zysemer family was late. They wanted a natural birth and did not feel the need for ultrasound examination. They organized a safe delivery at home, under the special supervision of a midwife, and the estimated date of arrival of the baby was January 30. Despite the improvement of medical services and technological innovations, childbirth is a complex biological process that can never be smooth and pre–planned. On December 29, almost a month before the appointed date at 12:30, the water broke in Nicole.

Since Nicole was less than 36 weeks pregnant at the time, her husband decided to skip the home plan and take her to Memorial Hospital.

The driveway to the couple’s house was covered in snow, so Matthew had to clear the driveway before leaving. They managed to get to the hospital around four in the morning on Friday, and the clashes at Nicole’s continued until Saturday.

«Watching her suffer for the last 30 hours, pushing, breathing and screaming, I knew we had to do something else, so I consulted with a few people and Nicole, and we decided to take a small dose of pitocin; it really caused a skirmish.»

After 40 hours of constant struggle, Nicole underwent an epidural, and finally Blakely Faith Zysemer was born at 10:06 pm on December 30. But before Dr. Megan Forsh could help Nicole with the delivery of the placenta, she felt another tiny head inside. Cade Matthew Zysemer, a healthy baby weighing 5 pounds, was born on December 30 at 11:05 p.m.

The second child was a surprise and a boon for the couple, as well as for the doctor, who was completely unaware of his existence. After that, the happy parents shared their shocking and enthusiastic news with the family.

On his Facebook page, Matthew expressed his gratitude to God: «Everything happens for reasons, and there is time for medical intervention, and this was one of those cases. God certainly has a bigger plan for us, and he has shown us that we have no control over anything in our lives. «

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