The Bus Driver Saw The Boy Crying. After Learning The Reason, He Began To Act Immediately. Photo


If people in their daily routine at least sometimes stopped and looked around, perhaps our world would become a little better.

People would finally pay attention to those who need help much more often.That’s exactly what Boris, a 52-year-old school bus driver, did. One winter and cold morning Boris was taking the children to school when he noticed a little boy who was crying, he was upset that he had neither a hat nor gloves. In winter, it is important that parents monitor how the child is dressed.

You need to wear warm jackets, hats and scarves. However, unfortunately, not all families can afford to buy high-quality and warm winter clothes.

Boris heard the boy crying, and when he looked at him, he saw a frozen child with red ears and hands, tears streaming down her cheeks.He decided he had to help.

He sat down next to him and gave him his gloves, simultaneously calming him down. But Boris understood that this was not enough. He wanted to do more than just give away his mittens.

A caring bus driver figured out how to help the boy. After he dropped the children off at school, Boris went to the store, where he bought 10 hats and 10 pairs of mittens.

Then he went back to school and handed over the things he had bought for the boy and other children whose families could not afford clothes.Children should not freeze in winter and Boris knew this like no one else.

«You know, I have my own grandchildren. If you don’t want to, your child is freezing,» every noble water.Not surprisingly, this post has spread all over the Internet. About 18,000 people put likes, wrote comments and reposted the record.

Boris’s act surprised the boy’s parents and the school management. They decided that they were obliged to show their respect for him and wrote a post on the school’s Facebook page.

Boris is a man who makes our world warmer and kinder by his actions. It didn’t cost him much effort or expense. He just wanted to help. But Boris felt the love of thousands of people who appreciated his act. He showed humanity and did not remain indifferent to the person who needs help.

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