The Man Thought That His Woman Was Expecting 5 Children. During Childbirth, The Deception Was Revealed… Photo


Phantom pregnancy is a phenomenon that has been little studied by psychologists and doctors. During such a pregnancy, women actually believe that they are expecting a child. Their delusion is often accompanied by the cessation of menstruation, abdominal enlargement and lactation.

In 2013, Paul Serva met Barbara Bienvenu. Two weeks after their meeting, the woman announced her pregnancy. So he found out that he was going to have a child, and then two, soon the woman announced that she was expecting triplets. but in the end, she announced that she was expecting five babies!

The family decided to announce a fundraiser, because they would not have been able to feed five children on their own. Gradually, Barbara’s stomach became bigger, and the couple’s well-being began to increase. Their whole house was full of things for the children.

One day, Barbara realized that contractions had begun. Paul immediately brought her to the hospital. However, a subsequent event changed his entire life. It turns out that all this time Barbara was not pregnant. Her pregnancy was false. But a trusting man has already bought his babies cribs and came up with a name for each child!

Now the woman is undergoing rehabilitation in a psychiatric clinic. Doctors are trying to put her mental state in order. I wonder if the woman is really sick or did she do all this just for her own benefit? Paul naively believed the words of his beloved. He was so shocked by the news about the five kids that he didn’t even think that it was all a lie. But a simple pregnancy test could immediately put everything in its place!

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