Twins who were born with a weight of 590 and 535 are already two years old! What are they like now? Photo


The couple Jenny and Rich Powell from the UK did not have children for a long time, they dreamed so much about a big family, but their dream did not come true for 11 long years.

In 2018, the couple decided on an IVF procedure and Jenny became pregnant with twins. It was a real happiness for the Powells, they were looking forward to meeting their babies!

Later, doctors reported that the children could be born a little earlier than the stated deadline and the couple took up the arrangement of the nursery.

When Jenny was already 6 months old, the couple decided to go on vacation to the coast of Cornwall, because they were sure that the babies would be born in 2-2.5 months, but fate decreed otherwise. Already on vacation, the woman felt unwell and her husband took her to the nearest clinic.

After the examination, the doctors insisted that Jenny urgently needed to be taken to the Oxford clinic, but the distance of 300 kilometers was very frightening. The local authorities went to a meeting and a few minutes later a coast guard helicopter was provided and after 75 minutes the woman was in the hands of specialists, and the next day she became a mother.

Twins Ruben and Jenson were born at 23 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of each at that time was no more than 600 grams (590 and 535 grams, respectively), there were no such cases where everything would have ended well in the history of Great Britain.

The doctors could not give any predictions, but the babies quietly grew and developed, so 1 month passed.

The Powell family spent six months in the clinic and went home safely. The fact is that the boys gained weight very slowly and the state of health during this period was not stable. Only after six months everything returned to normal. The discharge from the hospital became a real holiday for the whole family.

At one year old, Ruben and Jenson have already caught up in the development of their peers, and on the first holiday, employees of the Coast Guard helicopter brigade and the staff of the Oxford clinic came to congratulate the kids.

Now the twins are already 2 years old. It’s hard to imagine that once their weight was no more than 600 grams.

Wonderful family, we wish them happiness, health and all the best!

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