An eight-year-old boy had to nurse his mother. He chopped firewood and cooked himself, but waited for help only after 8 years. photo


The boy’s childhood was difficult, but the difficulties only hardened him. He survived, did not break down, and most importantly, saved his mother.

The boy’s family was completely ordinary. Dad drank, drove mom and baby, she had to escape to a little house forgotten by fate in a distant village. But a young woman came down with a stroke.

And the son did an incredible thing: he survived in this difficult situation, helped his mother recover.

Sparing no effort, he chopped wood and heated the stove every day, learned to cook under the guidance of his mother, washed her and washed clothes. His neighbors helped him, but most adults did not even guess what kind of story was unfolding next to them.

The boy wisely kept quiet — he was afraid that he would be taken to an orphanage, and his mother to a disabled home. They only found out about him when he turned 16.

Suddenly, for himself, he woke up as a hero, first of newspapers, and then of local television. Only then did the family get a comfortable apartment, and my mother was finally examined and began to be restored.

Vlad managed to study well, but chose a simple and necessary profession of a welder. He grew up a wonderful guy, kind, honest and responsible.

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