The baby survived 65 operations because of this small detail, which is in every house. Photo


Sometimes adults have no idea how much danger lurks in an ordinary house. Small children always arrange a check at home for the presence of interesting things. They skillfully find all the dangerous corners, all the things that can be disassembled, all the small details that can be gnawed. Sometimes adults have no idea how much danger lurks in an ordinary house.

Unfortunately, this behavior of children sometimes ends in tears. This story once again warns of the huge danger that lies for kids in small details and things that they strive to swallow.

That’s what a one-year-old kid had to go through, who swallowed one of those deadly little things that are in almost every house. Today, Carla Rauch is a happy mother of two wonderful boys: 7-year-old Ethan and 5-year-old Emmett (left).

But 4 years ago, Carla and her husband Michael had a terrible moment and almost lost Emmett when he accidentally swallowed a small lithium-ion battery «pill». He was only 1 year old at the time.

These batteries are familiar to everyone – they are small circles in the form of nickel tablets, which are often used in watches, calculators and other small devices. Then such a battery accidentally fell out of the DVD remote. This was the first step in a chain of terrible events that turned the life of this family upside down

Little Emmett, who by that time had just celebrated his first birthday, accidentally stumbled upon a battery and swallowed it. Parents noticed that the baby became sluggish, moody and restless. Fearing for his health, they went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told them that it was most likely a common cold. And assured that he would recover soon.

A few days later, when Emmett started coughing up blood, the doctor at first thought it was the beginning of croup, but listening to intuition, decided to immediately send the child to the intensive care unit.

The team of doctors took an X-ray, found the battery in the picture and realized that the acid from the small battery corrodes the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

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