A Man Secretly Went To The Place Where His Son Was Gone: One Day He Found A Note There (Photo)


it’s always nice to see how large companies are trying to offer help and care to ordinary people. There are many examples for this. Lowe’s company has changed the terms of employment of its employees. This was done to recruit a veteran with disabilities.Home Depot has designed a special walker for a little boy with special needs. Now Chevron has joined their ranks and rendered an invaluable service to the unfortunate father who mourned the loss of his son.

12 years ago, Ray Olson’s son Raymond died in an accident. The accident was caused by a drunk driver. Since that day, the man has devoted himself to the secret care of the roadside memorial. The unfortunate father built it in honor of Raymond on the site of the tragedy. Since the memorial was owned by Chevron, Ray was always afraid that he would have problems with its support.

Therefore, he sneaked there at night to take care of the monument and keep it in order. When the man heard that the company’s property had been modernized, he was sure that Chevron would get rid of the memorial, which had remained there for 12 long years. But one night he found an amazing note on the monument. Unexpected help .Ray called the number indicated in the note and was amazed to learn that the property owners wanted to demolish the Ray memorial only to replace it with a permanent structure.

«It just changed my whole life,» the man said. It turns out that the owners were touched by the love and devotion of an unflattering father, so they decided to build a permanent monument to his deceased son with a photo. They also installed a park bench for Ray to sit on when he visits the memorial. My husband is very grateful to the company. This noble act was unexpected for him. Now Ray can visit his deceased son at any time of the day and not be afraid for the preservation of the memorial dear to him.

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