There were a lot of passers-by, but only a 12-year-old boy climbed into the ditch for a puppy. Photo


The story about the big heart happened during a torrential rain, a 12-year-old boy turned out to be a good fellow. He ventured into a flooded ditch and pulled out a dying puppy.

He was not afraid of scratching himself or drinking dirty water, because someone’s life was in danger. So he went into the water, got to the dog and pulled him to shore.

I would like to believe that there are many people like Sasha in the country, because only real people keep life.

Tatiana told about this story . The girl saw the publication in social networks: the dog gave birth to puppies. The weather was disgusting, and Tanya decided to look for a tailed mom, feed her, since it turned out that she lives very close.

The street dog was foaled right in the ditch, where it was hiding from passers-by. Alas, there was a downpour, which rarely happens during the summer, and the ditch was flooded. The dog managed to take out one of the puppies, where were the remaining ones?

Tanya fed her, but the dog refused to eat, worried and rushed along the shore. She was rushing into the ditch, whining, and Tanya realized she needed to look there. It turned out that in the pit among the garbage, a tiny puppy is holding on to the water with the last of its strength. The dog could not get to him in any way, the baby had almost no chance. It was clear that the baby was completely wet, shaking, he needed to be urgently taken out of the water.

Tatiana started calling the police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, even dispatchers in a taxi – suddenly there would be a volunteer? But no one wanted to get into the mud, neither acquaintances nor passers-by: everyone was in a hurry to get home.

Fortunately, three boys were passing by. They immediately decided to save the puppy. The ditch wasn’t supposed to be deep, but who knows what was hiding under the water? Pits or sharp objects could easily be there.

But Sasha saw: the puppy has less and less time. He did not think to give up, threw off his clothes and climbed into the rainwater, dirty and cold.

At the risk of catching a cold and being carried around in the mud, he got a puppy, for a child this is a real heroism. Residents of Revda are proud of the children growing up there.

And Sasha had to go to the hospital with Tanya, he still got a small injury. Now he is a hero of social networks, an example for peers, he was even found by the diploma of the youth center.


This article is inspired by stories from the daily lives of our readers and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to real names or locations is purely coincidental. All images are for illustration purposes only.

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